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June 2015

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SebSon - I Think I Missed You chapter 7

Finally! I finished the new chapter which I wanted to write so bad since I got the inspiration for this story. The next two chapters will be the same but this one is very important for me. I think it's a cute one, and most of all I must say I'm very satisfied with how it turned out to be. I don't know what will you think after you read it but for me it became perfectly what I imagined it to be.

So enjoy! :)

“Seb?” The British was totally stunned seeing the man standing in front of his door. He even forgot to invite him in the room, or just ask about the reason of his visit.
“Hey Jenson” Sebastian broke the awkward silence waiting but as he still didn’t get any response embarrassedly added. “Am I bothering?”
That was the moment Jenson slightly shook his head clearing his throat, as he stepped aside from the door making room for the other man.
“No, not at all. Jessie is still out with the team. Come in!” he waved a hand inviting. Seb did as he was told, then looked back at the following man behind who was standing in front of the now closed door, curiously staring at something in the German’s hand. “What’s that?”
Sebastian turned his look to the carrier bag covering a little box in it.
“This?” he asked with a naughty smile lifting the thing up.” Well, it’s something I saved you risking my own life.
“Yes, of course. So come on! What is that?” he walked closer to the man.
“You will know it soon.”
Sebastian laughed at the warning tone and shoved a hand in the bag pulling out a box.
Jenson blinked and blinked again looking in the box right through the translucent plastic.
“You brought me cake?” he asked not believing his own eyes. His heart could jump out of his chest by happiness, he was so excited like a child. It was always like that whenever he saw a cake, there’s no doubt.
“Well, I’m not sure, I hope so. At least it seems like one” Seb said musingly knitting his brows and in that very moment the British could give him a big hug even for his sassiness.
He took the box and bag out of the smiling man’s hands instead and carried them away to the bar.
Their room was very simple, nothing posh; actually the most eye-catching thing was the bar itself which was also a simple one. Well, maybe it must have been the most exciting thing in the room for someone who haven’t seen something like that before, but Jenson didn’t really care about it. He had another thing to be amazed by. The huge windows with the balcony were not that special in the daytime as they overlooked the city, but at night... at night it gave a beautiful view with all the lights of the city, as if you were gazing into the starry sky.
“Take a seat” the British said cheerfully putting the stuffs in his hands down on the bar.
Sebastian didn’t reply so he assumed the man did as he was told. He himself opened the box finding there two huge pieces of cake. Not any kind of cake but his favourite one. “How on Earth did you get Red Velvet?” he shouted stunned with a happy grin around his face.
“What is this?” Jenson looked up from his gift seeing the man sitting on the bed with a little black book in his hands. He surely didn’t hear the British’s whoop he was so busy examining the thing. “What the hell! You’re keeping your diary under your cover?” the German asked disbelieving as he looked up from the object with a cheeky grin.
Jenson sighed resigned as he grabbed the box with the sweets and walked up to the man sitting down next to him.
“Thanks, Seb. You really did a great thing here” he said changing the subject with a joyful grin, but there was also a bit of cheekiness in his voice.
“Yes, I knew you’d like it.”
“Shut up!” Jenson laughed and bit into a slice. Sebastian just smiled as he put the diary onto his lap and opened it. “I can’t believe you spent only a few minutes in my room and already found my diary” Jenson said shaking his head with a mouthful of cake.
“You know, it wasn’t that hard as it was penetrating into my butt. Why the hell did you do that?”
Jenson shoved an elbow in the cheekily grinning man’s side.
“Wanted to hide it.”
“But under the cover? Well, nice job, Mister Button. It’s absolutely the best way to opening your life to the whole world.”
“Okay, just forget it. Anyway, I didn’t claim the room service. The only person who could find it was you. An idiot who couldn’t sit on any better place on my fucking sea sized double bed but right onto the spot I hid my diary under. Thank you.”
“Please” Sebastian laughed watching Jenson’s poker face but soon the other man joined him as well.
Then the British put the sweet aside with a sigh and stood up.
“What is it?”
The man didn’t answer; he walked up to the bar again grabbing two bottles of lime beer and opened them. When he turned around the German was already studying the diary again. Jenson didn’t say a word though; he let the man reading his memories in it. He didn’t even get to his bed yet when the other already shouted.
“What the fuck! You really called me creepy?” Jenson grinned as he stood in front of Sebastian bending down to reading the short text; not that he didn’t know it by words now. “Today I met a really creepy kid?” Sebastian read the words scandalized, in a questioning tone. “I told him to be careful, I can’t help if he’s not just a miserable one but can’t even understand my language? I’m still not a mind reader and can’t use my telepathic gift for every upstarts?” The man stressed the last two words strongly, looking up at the cheerfully chuckling British with highly raised brows. “Really, Jenson? Really? I can’t believe you wrote this. I thought you were a nice guy.
“Sorry for ruining your childhood memories” he smirked reaching out one of the bottles.
Sebastian smirked back as he accepted the drink.
“Who said I have good memories about you?”
“Just shut up already!”
And with that he sat back beside the man sipping his drink mutely before he bit another piece of his cake. Sebastian was turning the pages drinking his own beer totally forgetting about the man next to him who was leaning over his shoulder now staring at the little book.
It felt so natural just sitting side by side like that Jenson didn’t even realize how special and also ironic that moment was. Something which was totally not them - and yet it completely was.
“Oh, I remember this one!”
The British slightly tilted his head trying to read the memory but Sebastian already did it to him.
Dear Diary, – Oh, how cute you are addressing you’re diary like that all the time” the German chuckled cheekily, pocketing an outraged glance from the other driver what he didn’t care about, just kept reading the text. “Tonight Seb and me went to that lake near to the accommodation. I know we shouldn’t have, it’s really dangerous in the night and it was my responsibility to taking care of Seb but tonight was full moon and it was so amazing, I just couldn’t resist the temptation. It was a real adventure. I wanted to have a look at the lake like that so bad. Well, it turned out Seb can’t do stone skipping at all so it was also my duty to teach him. To be honest he still can’t do stone skipping” Sebastian stopped for a moment glancing at the man raising a brow questioning but the smile didn’t fade away from his eyes. “and our dads also found us soon so I’m not sure if it was worth the risk since the Old Boy nearly ripped my ear off of my head and sent me in my room which I can’t leave now until morning. I just hope Seb wasn’t told off too much, it was my fault after all.” Sebastian straightened looking at Jenson haughtily. “At least you showed some regret. It’s good to know you have conscience. Do you know after the incident my father also sent me to my room and sentenced me to detention until morning? Thanks God I had a race then so he let me out.
It was funny how Jenson felt of real guilt hearing the words even after all these years. It was his fault after all. Anyway, he just shrugged smiling defensively.
“So you got the same punishment as me, actually less than that. Good. At least you could keep both of your ears.
“You did as well as I see, but maybe it’s just your lime beer mixed with some Jäger in my stomach.”
“Very funny” Jenson rolled his eyes but smiled before sipping the mentioned drink. The other piece of his sweets was lying in his box waiting for its owner to eat it yet Jenson had a better idea, he decided it in the moment he saw the Red Velvet slices in the box. So the British grabbed the box and reached it out to the other man.
“What?” Sebastian asked staring at it confused.
“Eat your cake.”
“Are you sure?” The confusion still didn’t disappear from his face as he glanced up at the man cheerfully.
“Eat your cake before I will.”
“No chance” he chuckled taking the box.
“You think so?”
Seb shook his head smiling and bit into his own piece of sweet but after he swallowed it he looked up at the man curiously.
“Didn’t you say you don’t share your cake with anyone?”
“Didn’t you say once I already did?”
Sebastian frowned thoughtfully before replying with a suspicious smirk.
“Did I ever mention the time you shared all your saved money from your piggy bank with me?”
“Oh, yes, you’re right!” Jenson said enthusiastically before continuing just after the other man’s eyes widened joyfully. “Except I never had a piggy bank.”
“Oh, yes, my mistake. Obviously you hid it under your cover.” Jenson raised a brow and seeing the man’s narrowed eyes Sebastian quickly added with a shrug: “It was worth a try.”
He shoved the last piece of cake into his mouth mutely turning the pages again. As soon as he swallowed it down he glanced up at the man who was studying him beside, and with a cheeky smile reached the empty box out to him.
“Thanks, man.”
Jenson was watching the movement stunned and shaking his head with a grin he took it away from the German.
“You know, you should appreciate my kindness as I shared my dear cake with you.
“Well, I thought you would share that huge slice with your girlfriend.”
“So much the more you should do it!
“You gave it to me. And actually I’m your guest now, and my mum taught me refusing something what your host wanna give you is disrespectful.”
“What a gentleman! Don’t be so grateful, it harms your perfect skills.”
Sebastian stuck his tongue out at the British who put the box aside on the bed.
“Where did you get these beers?” the German asked drinking the alcohol before placing the glass on the bedside table.
“I don’t know, just found them” the man answered uninterested as he turned back to the man.
“Maybe they’re poisoned.”
“Yes, definitely. And I just tested it on you.”
“At least you’ll die with me. That’s the least you could do for me, you owe me a lot.
“For what?”
“First of all for all the punishment I’ve ever got from my father because of you.”
“Why? There was more then one?”
Sebastian waved a hand silencing the man but he couldn’t hide the amusement reflecting in his eyes.
“I don’t know, I don’t remember...”
“You see?”
“It doesn’t matter. You obviously still owe me for testing me like this.”
“I showed my solidarity with you by drinking it as well.” And with that he sipped the beer again.
“Oh, yes, it will obviously bring me back into life. Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.”
The German slightly pushed him away on the bed so Jenson almost spitted the next mouthful of drink out. He was coughing and weeping glancing at the man, returning the childish movement why the other laughed aloud patting on Jenson’s back a bit stronger than he should have. Though the older didn’t complain. Of all the times he spent with the man it was one of the funniest – well, except their childhood, but he couldn’t be sure about it since he didn’t remember of it much.

The room fell in silence as Sebastian continued reading and this silent moment was what finally made Jenson aware of the craziness of the situation. How ironic it was that Sebastian Vettel, one of his biggest rivals, who he just wished to be as far away as it was possible only a few weeks ago, and the man who turned out to be something like a lost, childhood friend of him, well, this Sebastian Vettel was sitting in his hotel room, on his bed, and was reading his old diary. His biggest secrets. Or maybe they were not that meaningful secrets though they were important to him.

The strangest thing was how natural it felt to have the man around like that.

Jenson let out a deep, tired sigh as he leaned back on his bed reaching out for his phone. It was almost quarter to twelve and his girlfriend was nearly an hour late yet he didn’t worry about her. He knew the Old Boy would take care of the woman. And actually he was sure she was late on purpose just giving him some more time to calm down and clean his mind. Jessica knew him and cared about him more than anyone.
The British put his mobile aside still lying, staring at the white ceiling above tired. He slowly closed his eyes just to open them; he could easily fall asleep with or without the other man at his side. The presence of the man didn’t bother him at all.
He slightly turned his head glancing up at him. Sebastian was still reading with a frown now; he seemed to be confused or concerned, Jenson couldn’t tell it exactly, but he was curious about what made the man making that face. He was watching the changing expressions of him, studying his face as the frown on his temple suddenly deepened while he was even pressing his lips together thoughtfully, and when Jenson was already going to ask him about what made him that upset the man’s facial muscles finally relaxed and a minute later he was joyfully smiling at something.
The British sat up glancing at the diary in the other’s hands; he was reading the memory of the banquet. Jenson huffed with a smirk and in the next moment he was gazing into a pair of cheerfully smiling eyes.
“You know, it’s one of my most embarrassing memories in my whole life.”
“At least I’m not alone” Jenson chuckled. “But hey, it was an amazing night, wasn’t it?”
“Yes, amazing” Seb answered, pronouncing the word ‘amazing’ in a very suspicious tone.
“What?” The British averted his gaze from the diary turning to the man again who had a wide grin on his face now not daring to look at him. “What was that?”
Sebastian barely had voice as he whispered the word with his shoulders shaking.
“Fuck off! You just imitated me, didn’t you?”
“I’m sorry, it’s not my fault whenever I hear or read the word amazing I hear it in your voice!” the German burst out in a laugh. Jenson was staring at him stunned, narrowing his eyes scandalized but actually he was really enjoying himself with the idiot German.
“Okay, I understand. It’s not your fault either whenever I read or hear the word obviously I hear it in your voice.
Sebastian stopped laughing glancing at the British surprised, but then he continued it even louder together with the British.
“Now seriously!” he sighed then smiling.” It was definitely a very nice evening. To be honest sometimes I trip myself thinking about how I wish we could have more shared memories like this. It was a nice one week in my life which I never forgot about.”
“Only forgot about me.”
“You did as well.”
“No, I didn’t forget about you, I just didn’t recognize you at first, it’s not the same.”
“Well, same here. You can’t complain.”
Jenson didn’t answer this time. They were both smiling, staring at the letters on the opened page of the diary but couldn’t put them in their places anymore. Jenson nearly laughed at the fact how similar their feelings were. It was almost scary how many times he thought about the other man and their shared past lately, and how he missed those times. It was a shame they wasted so much time without the other not recognizing one the other.
“You know, my father was always very peaceful, there was no many times when he was angry with me, but I can still remember when I was little I was a way worse loser than I am now, and when I didn’t win I moaned and cried as it could have helped me“ Sebastian said with an absent-minded smile.” In that time my family didn’t have enough money for a mechanic for my cart, so my dad was who tried to setting up everything, preparing the cart for the races. I can remember he even used little lead weights to fix its balance. These amateur solutions led me to finishing in the back at the end of the races. I was always watching the other kids with their supersonic go-carts and I felt envy and guilt at the same time. There were times when I was a real hysteria if I didn’t win, sometimes I just kicked my cart with pure anger. So then my father came to me, grabbed my shoulders and shook me firmly, saying: ‘Stop doing this! That’s all what we have, bring the best out of this.’ I didn’t realize then how important it was to hearing those things all the time, but finally it taught me esteem everything what I achieved in my life, even the least things. It’s funny I had one of the worst cars at the beginning of my career, and now people are pissed off because I have one of the bests and keep telling me I can win only because of that. Sometimes life is really unpredictable, don’t you think? Just like how we found each other, or actually learned about our past after all these years.
Jenson was staring at the man with a slight smile, listening to this little story of him. It just hit him how little he knew about the man; they never had the chance talking about their lives. Or just didn’t want to, they didn’t have that kind of relationship after all. Now listening to Sebastian talking about his childhood was strange but in a good way. The stranger thing was that the man already knew more about him since he just read a few page of his diary and only God knows what else he read there.

The goldenly gleaming eyelashes around Sebastian’s eyes were so long they were casting a shadow over his cheeks in the lamplight, just making the British totally amazed. He never ever realized it before how long they were, though he knew the man for a few years now, and he could be even closer to him before, just like during the press conferences, yet it was like something which was hidden from him until now. He was gazing at the man’s eyes amazed and in that moment he was sure even a girl could be envious of those eyelashes and not without a reason.
Jenson slightly rubbed his eyes chasing the odd thoughts out of his mind as he was trying to focus on what else the other said about his childhood. He didn’t even recognize when he started staring at the man’s eyes like that. Sebastian though was still talking, his smile didn’t fade on his face at all. The McLaren driver took a deep breath as he tilted his head absently and started talking as soon as the other finally finished his monologue.
“I wasn’t easy either. Well, I think I went into my tantrums more than you. Once I was disqualified for dangerous driving. I can still remember how I cried then. My dad came to me, crouched down beside me and just listened to me as I was hissing around crying. Then he told me in his serious tone: ‘It’s okay, Jenson, it’s okay if you have mistakes and cry about them. The more painful they are the more memorable they become by time so you won’t make them again. Next time you race just remember this day and it’ll be fine. Until you can learn from these mistakes they are all fine.’ He said things like this all the time whenever I did something wrong and you know what? He was right. Sometimes I made the same mistakes though. But then I saw his frown and I think that look of him was more memorable than what I did so I didn’t forget about those incidents anymore. I think we have to be thankful to both of our dads.
Sebastian nodded agreeing with a cheerful smirk.
“Yes. Without my father, without my family I wouldn’t be who I am now.”
The German turned back to the little book tenderly stroking on a page with an amused movement. Jenson was just staring at him absently; it was the first time they actually did agree on something.
Sebastian was looking at the book with half-closed eyes gazing down on the object in his lap. The eyelashes were casting a bigger shadow on his cheeks now and Jenson couldn’t make himself avert his gaze from them. He was studying the man’s face like he saw it the first time and on the one hand he really did. Beside so many other things he didn’t realize the driver already grew up. His face was way skinnier than it was two years ago and a slight stubble covered the skin which was filled with acnes in the past, now was almost totally clean. He also changed his hair fashion, it was not that long and fluffy; it was cut and gleaming so blond it was almost white in the artificial lights.
It seemed Sebastian didn’t realize the other man blatantly staring at him; he kept gazing the diary joyfully, his lips curling up in a slight smile. Jenson didn’t even notice how plump and red those lips were.
The British’s grip tightened on his bottle as he inhaled deeply. He looked away just lifting his beer up to sipping it, trying to lock all the weird thoughts out of his mind. Suddenly the air felt way hotter than it was a few minutes ago and a dizzy haze descended on his mind which made it hard to think. He slowly blinked tiredly trying to pull himself together.
In the next moment he was more than awake as a shrill sound split through the silence; he nearly dropped the glass of beer away jumping on the bed.
“Sorry” Sebastian said with an apologetic look shoving a hand in his pocket. It seemed he got frightened as much as Jenson did. When he pulled his hand out there was his mobile in it lighting, signing he got a message. The German read it through quickly before he glanced up at the other driver. “I should go. It was Christian, it seems they are already missing me.”
“Can’t figure out why” Jenson said with a grin though somehow he had a bitter feeling in his chest.
“No need to find the reasons, it’s obvious, why.”
“Yes, yes, obviously obvious.”
Sebastian laughed as he lifted his glass to his mouth and drunk the last sip of beer too and placed the glass back on the bedside table. Then he shut the diary and with a cheeky grin he stood up and put it back under the cover, right under the spot he was sitting just a moment before.
“Very funny” Jenson said still smirking.
Sebastian only shrugged before answering with a grin.
“That’s what I’m talking about too.”

He was already heading to the door when Jenson stood up placing his own glass of beer on the bedside table as well, and followed the other driver. When they reached the door Jenson leaned against the wall next to the door while Sebastian turned to him with one hand already on the door handle.
“Hope I didn’t bothe...”
“No! I said you didn’t, don’t be silly. Actually I really enjoyed your visit” Jenson reassured the man quickly but it was more than that. He really meant it.
“Really? Well, I also did. Anyway, it’s good to know you feel better now.”
Jenson knitted his brows confused.
“Why do you think I wasn’t okay?”
A mysterious smile formed in the corner of the German’s lips as he looked at him like he was an uncomprehending child.
“Well, it was quiet obvious I think. And no, I don’t wanna hear any lame joke again!”
“So you won’t, mum” Jenson sighed why the German just rolled his eyes but still both of them were smiling amused. Then Jenson looked straight in the other man’s eyes. Their gazes met and in some way the atmosphere changed; they left their childlike themselves behind to talking to each other like two mature adults. “Thanks for visiting me, Seb. Even despite my rude behaving.”
“Stop it already! Now I’m asking you to not be silly. It was a natural reaction. We are all competitors after all, aren’t we?” Sebastian winked with a wide smile.
Jenson returned the smile and nodded as an agreement but didn’t say anything. His gaze lost somewhere in Sebastian’s and for a moment a weird feeling flooded him which he couldn’t name straight away, so he identified it with nostalgia. Sebastian must have felt the same or his face showed he did; the German didn’t avert his eyes either, he was staring at Jenson seriously like he was thinking about something. The British squirmed as the other’s lips slightly parted as if he was going to say something but then the German’s mobile started ringing and the magic was broken only leaving an awkward atmosphere behind.
“Hello?... I’ll be there in a few minutes. I’m already on my way... Yeah... I know, I know... Okay, fine... Bye.” Sebastian shoved the mobile back into his pocket turning to the British again. “It was Heikki, my physio. I really have to go now, it seems they just can’t live without me” he sighed bored but he was clearly enjoying himself.
Jenson just chuckled at the arrogant words; now he knew they were meant to be jokes and not something what anyone should have taken seriously.
“Obviously can’t. I can’t imagine how did they manage to survive without you until now?”
“You see? That’s what I want to know as well” the man smiled before shaking his head with a grin, reaching out his hand to the other. “Now if you don’t mind, I leave you alone for a while. Good night, Jenson!” he said beaming.
Jenson cheerfully accepted the hand clapping with his other hand on Sebastian’s back.
“You too, Seb!”
That was when Sebastian wanted to push the door handle down but someone else was quicker than him; the door already opened revealing the not so much unexpected person behind.
Jessica was standing in the doorstep shocked, eyeing the two stunned men disbelieving.
“Sebastian?” the woman asked frozen.
“Hey.” If the situation was awkward before then this moment was even weirder. Sebastian squirmed a little as he turned to the other wordless driver. “Bye, Jenson. Have a nice trip in the morning.”
Jenson only nodded watching as the German turned back to his girlfriend for a quick “good night” before he stormed away. Jessica was following him with her gaze after he completely vanished in one of the elevators, then looked at his lover and after an odd, silent moment he walked in the room.
“Now that was unexpected” she said still totally shocked. “Did I really saw Sebastian here, or did I just dream the last two minutes?”
“You definitely saw him, or at least I hope you don’t dream about him” Jenson said in a warning tone but he was obviously joking, so Jessica just smiled.
“It’s good to know you could sort your disagreement out” she said as she walked up to the man and pulled down his face close to her, pressing a tender kiss on his lips.
“How did you know about our argument?” Jenson asked looking in the woman’s eyes surprised.
Jessica shook her head with a mysterious smile; the gesticulation was frighteningly similar to something which he just saw a few minutes before from someone else.
“I’m your girlfriend, you remember?
Jenson smiled letting out a slight sigh as he closed his arms around the woman, pressing her body closer to his.
“I’m glad too” he said and kissed Jessica. Those lips were plump and red as well just like the German’s were but in another way. Jenson always liked to kiss those devoted lips which could calm him down whatever bothered him.
The kiss was slow and without passion, just lips touching lips yet it felt so good, actually it was better in that way after the long, tiring day.
When they finally parted Jenson bowed his head nuzzling the woman’s neck, deeply inhaling the familiar scent of her while Jessica was caressing his back with her hands, cosseting his cheek with gentle kisses.
“Did you drink beer?” the woman asked after a minute silence.”
“Yes” Jenson murmured uninterested.
“Did you drink lime beer? The ones on the bar?”
“Yes?” Jenson was confused by the sudden questions but he didn’t really care about them after all. Maybe she was just curious.
But then Jessica let him go and looked in his eyes amused.
“What?” Jenson finally asked.
“I put those beers there.”
The British’s eyes widened as he stared at the woman stunned.
“You did?”
“Yes. Why, what did you think?”
“I don’t know. Thought were a special gift from the hotel” he shrugged embarrassed.
Jessica was clearly enjoying herself, she was laughing at the answer and was still grinning as she replied.
“Yes, of course. They leave us beer and food. Free services.” Jenson rolled his eyes but Jessica didn’t stop smiling, she stroke the man’s hair tenderly, making him look into her eyes. “I thought we could drink them when we come back to the room tonight but it’s okay. Seems it was worth it after all” she shrugged cheerfully.
Jenson finally relaxed and the smile showed up on his face again when he pressed another kiss on the woman’s lips before she completely parted herself, heading towards the bathroom.
“I’ll take a shower” she said not even looking back. Jenson was following her with his eyes, his look wandering over the woman’s attractive body. Jessica was already in the bathroom when she stepped back looking back at the man seductively. “Will you join?”
Jenson huffed out a laugh shaking his head joyfully; he still couldn’t believe this woman was his, no matter how many year passed by.
“Of course” he smiled back temptingly. “Just a minute.”
Jessica nodded with a wink and disappeared behind the door.

Jenson was still staring at the spot where she stood just a moment before, then looked back towards the French window, then the bottles on the bedside table. He started walking up there grabbing his own glass; there was still a little drink in it. Then he turned to the French window again staring at it for a while before went to there opening it, just stepping out to the balcony.
The night was beautiful as he expected, even though the stars were barely visible thanks for the clouds; the city’s lights were still shining as thousands of little stars.
He was bending over the barrier, absently looking down at the road below. There was a taxi standing in front of the hotel waiting for a passenger patiently. The man showed up just then waving a hand as a sign he ordered the cab, then ran to it and opened the door. Jenson straightened narrowing his eyes recognizing the dirty blond locks of the man, and that was the moment the man also turned around as if he was feeling the British’s eyes on him.
Sebastian looked up at him with a wide smile and waved a hand joyfully before getting in the car closing the door behind.
Jenson didn’t wave back or do anything; he just smiled on the man while leaning on the barrier idly and lifted up his bottle to sipping every drop of the remaining beer.

The taxi slowly disappeared far off in the night, leaving only the memories of the weird night behind.