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June 2015



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Jul. 12th, 2013


SebSon - I Think I Missed You chapter 2

SebSon - I Think I Missed You chapter 2

Seb baby gif again 1
Jenson Button crying 00_00_23-00_00_27

I Think I Missed You chapter 2Collapse )

Jul. 8th, 2013


New SebSon fic

Title: I Think I Missed You
Pairing: SebSon
Rating: PG-13 at the beginning, planning NC-17
Summary: "There are no friends in Formula 1" some says. Though Jenson has his friends in the sport and he doesn't need another one, thank you very much. Mark and Fernando are the people he used to know since he started his F1 career and they already have their little habits. Like they like to drink a cup of coffee - Jenson a cup of tea of course - together, sometimes partying with each other after the races, or tweeting things to the other or about the other. And they have another habit, a new one; something which makes the British feels guilty sometimes.
They like to telling off that little German cheater.
However life is always unpredictable and sometimes we have to learn about ourselves too. Sometimes we have to get to know there are things which we used to know long before all the other things under our noses. The question is what will Jenson do after he finds this thing out?

Seb as a kid
Jense as a kid

SebSon - I Think I Missed You chapter 1Collapse )

Jun. 30th, 2013


Why should Sterek be canon

I'll leave this here. I have lots of thoughts about Sterek in my mind which I can't find any words for but someone else from tumblr could so I must share their post here.

Derek and Stiles in canonCollapse )

Jun. 27th, 2013



It seems like I have a new OTP. If I hadn’t had enough already. Whatever, I proudly present my newest couple: STEREK! Yeah, I started watching Teen Wolf even if I hate all the vampire and werewolf stories since Twilight. I also thought that Stiles should be some girlish guy who I wouldn’t love but last week I saw such a beautiful gifset about Sterek I just had to give the show a try. Just so you know I started it on Saturday and finished the newest episode (S03E04) on Tuesday. When it was airing in the US. So yeah, it seems like I became some hardcore fan. Not as much as of Merlin or Merthur but I really like it. What is funny that I’m sure if that gifset or tumblr weren’t there I wouldn’t be a Sterek shipper now. They have no much moments, and there is much more chemistry between Stiles and Lydia (I love this pair too). But then why do I love these two men? Well, because as I see them I think there is something between them, I mean in the air. It’s interesting that even if Scott is the werewolf and Stiles is the one who is against Derek all the time, who can’t trust him, the two of them are always in such a situation when they have to be together, I mean alone, and somehow Stlies has to protect or actually save Derek all the time. They must trust in each other and I think they do in these cases even when they’re denying it. It’s a nice thing. Like the fact that we hardly can see Derek’s smile, but when he’s with Stiles... Well, maybe it’s just some killer smile but it is there on his face.
And there’s that important fact what we learned about in the last ep. Actually, we almost did, I think we could be sure now: Stiles is bisexual. I hope it’s also a reason for them. I don’t think they would be together as a couple ever, it’s still not a gay show but it would be such a beautiful thing with all it’s slowness as they finally recognize their real feelings toward the other. Whatever, we can still dream about them day and night. :)

Here’s some beautiful video with them. My favourite ones.^^

The Sterek storyCollapse )

Good bye Mark

So the thing is Mark Webber is retiring after the 2013 season for La Mans. I'm pretty sad about it. I didn't like him in the past but in the last two years I started love him somehow, I could see through his cold mask and now I think I can understand him. Maybe there were times when he made me angry when he was a bit overreacting or arrogant, but we can't blame him, he had all the reasons to be angry, to be disappointed, to be desperate. As he said it's not a career when things are always 'ups and downs', it's hard when you trying to do your best, when you finally achieve something and then the next time you're nowhere again or you have to stay in the background like a shadow. I can understand if he's tired now and want to try something new, that he wanna success in something else, if he wants to give himself the chance. I appreciate it. It's a sad moment though, almost a year ago in Japan Michael (Schumacher), my all time favourite driver announced he'd retire. Now it's Mark. One of the oldest drivers. I only could hope Jenson (Button) will not lose his passion for this sport in the near future.
Whatever, I just want to wish all the best to Mark, I hope he will find himself in his new life and he will not regret anything.
Good luck Mark and thanks for all those years when you were fighting for the places so passionately.

I love you!

Jun. 4th, 2013


Happy Birthday My Dear Beloved Yoochun oppa

생일 축하 해!
사랑합니다~ <3

Jun. 3rd, 2013


Parked... Quiet, slow, and still breathtaking

Yesterday I finally watched Parked. As soon as I found it I knew it'd be a great movie, but when I accidentally found out the end of the film I just couldn't make myself to watch it. The months were passing by and now here I am; after about 5 months I report I survived it... Barely survived it.
It was a quiet, slow movie, beautiful and breathtaking, not in the 'oh my god it's so exciting' way but in the Read more...Collapse )

May. 18th, 2013


Good things should last forever, even the love

I think this is my favourite commercial in these days. It's pure love, just simply beautiful. It's so touching, it's weepy. Yes, good things should last forever. And I can't agree with the one who commented that from 1:00 it's wrong and doesn't send the message right. No, my friend, you are wrong. It's absolutely fine to love someone even as an old (wo)man and to be loved as an old (wo)man. I think the things should be like this all the time and it's sad how the society is judging it when an old couple love each other, hold their hands on the street, kiss on the cheek or maybe do more. All the people have the right to be happy, to be happy with the one they love, to love the one they love. The life should be just this simple but all the ones who judge these things make everything difficult and by them these things seem wrong. That is one of the reasons why the world is such a cruel, prejudge and violent place, I think. Things should be different...
Anyway, I just want a love like this even if I’m too old for it now since I’m already 23. I would be happy if I could find my one and only some day.


"The Earth and the sky are all yours and your heart is flying between them"

I love this song and the MV so much. It's about the dreams what we should not give up, that we should be happy 'cause we are not alone, there's always someone by our side even if we feel like there's no one who listens to us. And there's always hope, even in the worst situations too so we have to fight for everything what we want, everything what we love.
We are way more than what we believeCollapse )

May. 13th, 2013


Sebastian Vettel...

How dare you?!

Sometimes I really hate him...

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