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June 2015

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New fic - Who Are You

Title: Who Are You
Pairing: sebson
Rating: PG, R etc. maybe NC-17 later
Summary: "I will not tell you our love story, because – like all real love stories – it will die with us, as it should."
Jenson and Sebastian were in a happy relationship together which was already a miracle. As it began and even what it became. They went through so many troubles and difficulties just to get what they had till this time. But what if something changes everything in their lives and they have to start from zero? Can they stand the test of life or will they fail? Could someone's fate be so strong and intensive it surmounts all the hindrance ahead lightening through the dark pieces of their past?
Remark: Yes, it's my new sebson fanfiction which is a bit different from my other works. It's an AU fic with a bittersweet storyline. I started it for a while now but since I'm working on my other fic I didn't care about this one as much as I wanted so I thought I'd post this little part on my blog just to motivate myself. Maybe it's going to work I'm not sure but the story is already in my mind and once I really want to finish this one. I'm so in love with it but I’m preoccupied with the other fic.
Hope you'd like it too. Here's the... prologue actually. Enjoy!

P.S.: I'm still working on the next chapter of I Think I Missed You. I was a bit busy lately and it seems this chapter will be a long one again so I'm a bit slow with it, but I do my best to bring it soon.^^

"I will not tell you our love story, because – like all real love stories – it will die with us, as it should."

The orange lights of the sun were crawling lazily into the ward right through the window, streaming the cold room with mysterious lights. A bunch of flower was sitting on the bedside table as always; it was put there down to giving some colour to the place but it made people rather frightened along with all the white, stern walls and the usual smell of chlorine.
Like flowers on a grave.
A young man was tiredly sitting on the edge of the hospital bed, holding one of the hands of the man who was lying there; he was older than his visitor and his stiff body, the pale skin and dry lips told he was not sleeping... Or actually he was drowning in one of the deepest dreams, too close to the point where you can not wake up anymore. Where you can not find the way back anymore.
He was in that state for about almost a month now but his family and friends didn’t give up on him yet. They wouldn’t do, not even after a year torturing waiting.
The man sitting on his bed softly pressed his lips to his hand letting out a trembling sigh. He couldn’t sleep for weeks now; since the day of the accident. It happened so fast no one expected it. No one could help the man. It was a cold, dark night right after the older man finished his job at the company where he was working. He was going to leave the workplace together with his assistant; the younger man was already sitting in his car waiting for him but the older one forgot a paper in his office so went back for it. Maybe it was his doom or it was just a coincidence, but wise men say coincidences do not exist. The man must have hastened back to the other or he was just simply careless when he ran across the street just to bump into the car. In fact it was the driver who drove his car way faster than it was allowed to. It happened in a flash as the car hit the man throwing his body metres away. Some of his ribs broke causing a huge wound on a lug as one of them threaded its way through it hindering him in breathing. Still the biggest problem was the hit on his head. The injuries were so serious even the doctors said it was a miracle the man survived the accident. And yet he couldn’t wake up since then and it really concerned the doctors and also the relations. The more he was lying in his comatose the less chance he could ever be completely healthy again.
“Wake up for me” the younger man whispered breathless, his lips still touching the soft skin on his love’s hand. “You can’t leave me here like this.”
The older didn’t react; he was still like a wax figure. The setting sun coated him with pinkie colour what he seemed a bit more alive for but that was all. The younger man remembered of his love to being strong, cheery and vigorous, and now he was so weak, defenceless and vulnerable, it was almost pathetic. It was painful to see him like that.
“I should go” the visitor said hoarsely, giving a kiss on the man’s colourless lips as he sadly let the hand go carefully placing it on the man’s chest. It was always so hard to leave the man behind; he could just stay by his side forever even if he was not awake anymore. He seemed so far away like he wasn’t in coma but already underground.
The younger stood up, softly smoothing the man’s cheek, tenderly stroking his hair back from his temple. He was staring at the man studying his face, tried to imagine he was just sleeping and waited if he would wake up. He did it all the time before leaving; just standing there hopefully daydreaming... But never happened anything. He must felt the painful disappointment in his chest, must faced to the cruel reality all the time, and after so many trying and hoping sometimes he was so tired he didn’t even expect any sign of a better condition anymore. Sometimes it was nothing more than a routine. Sometimes he really feared not to do this routine; it became something like a superstition.
One last glance at the beloved man and he turned around not even looking back. He just wanted to run away from the place, from his thoughts, from his feels and fears. Just leaving everything behind.

Maybe this thoughtfulness or rather bit selfishness was the reason he missed as the older man’s eyes suddenly quivered.

Note: The quote is from "The Fault In Our Stars" by John Green.